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Marlin Studios Fire Animations
Animated Fire Alpha Map sequences - Great for stills too!
640x480 pixels useful for small fire animations

A library of 8 professional sets of sequential animated fire sequences.

Add animated Hollywood fire and CGI FX to your graphics work! The looping clips that can be created with FIRE ANIMATIONS are taken from actual pyrotechnics effects done by professional motion picture pyro experts.

Create fireplace flames, torches, campfires, bursts, walls and waves of flame, or combine animations in a scene for a full-blown fire effect.

Compare the price with collections costing hundreds of dollars more. Requires 3D animation or video editing software.

Marlin Studios Fire Animations Product

Marlin Studios Sample Fire Animations

CLICK HERE for complete animation samples

  Fire Animations can be used to heat up 3D animations, games, web pages, videos, multimedia presentations, or even print design. Use the Targa files as animated sequences or for great effects in stills. Or just watch them on a cold night to stay warm! Fire Animations contains 8 high-quality 640x480, 30 FPS (frames per second), 32-bit Targa sequences with alpha channel transparency. Sequences contain from 33 to 90 frames, allowing for smooth animations.


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