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A complete library of roofing textures - everything from asphalt to clay tiles


Virtually all categories of roofing textures essential to many applications, including transortation/architectural visualizations and game development

Includes hard-to-find clay tile, asphalt, shingle, slate, metal and other useful roofing textures - and all seamlessly tileable. Also Included are matching bump maps for each texture. Great for siding too ! Three sizes for each texture - largest 1900 x 1900 plus matching bump maps

A small sampling of the 815 textures
asphalt roofing seamless texturesasphalt roofing seamless texturesasphalt roofing seamless texturesclay tile  roofing seamless texturesclay tile  roofing seamless texturesmetal roofing seamless texturesmetal roofing seamless textures
metal roofing seamless texturesmisc. roofing seamless texturesshingle roofing seamless texturesshingle roofing seamless texturesslate roofing seamless texturesslate roofing seamless texturessnow covered roofing seamless textures

Asphalt Roofing - 44 Clay Tile Roofing - 39 Metal Roofing - 32 Misc. Roofing - 7
Shingle Roofing - 49 Slate Roofing - 47 Snow Covered Roofing - 4  

seamless textures 4 classic stonework stone walls

roofing seamless textures

222 Textures
roofing seamless textures
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With the proliferation of 3D architectural visualization and 3D graphics in general, a complete library of roofing materials has become a requirement for many 2D and 3D artists. This is another "must-have" for your graphics toolbox, featuring a great variety of roofing textures. Each texture is “hand-sewn” together to create the seamless tiling effect – no algorithmic texture programs were used in the work.

Marlin Studios has also released Premium 3D Models - Suburban Houses. This is a great complement to Rooftop Materials and includes 105 highly detailed suburban houses - enough to populate a huge neighborhood. And a great place to hang your shingles!

Roofing textures in the library are categorized as asphalt, clay metal, shingle, slate and even snow-covered. The roofing textures can also be used as siding materials, especially the metals. The texture library is useful for both 3D and 2D artists involved in graphics work and print applications, The textures can be used on all major platforms.


The Numbers
222 textures in high-quality JPG format, all seamlessly tileable
7 Logical texture categories
4 sizes per texture: Extra Large (1900 x 1900), Large (1024 x 1024), Medium (512 x 512) and Small    (256 x 256)
3 highly detailed Premium 3D Suburban House models in OBJ, LWO(6+) & 3DS formats

All textures created from high-resolution photos as input
Thumbnail browser makes it easy finding textures
All textures tested for functionality in graphics programs
Convenient maximum-quality, 24-bit JPG format for use in virtually all apps
Textures may be used royalty free in other graphics images


architectural / transportation viz
Web content development
Multimedia applications
Film industry CGI
Legal animations and renderings
Engineering/product design and concept

roofing seamless textures


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